CILISAT (Community Interpreter Language and Interpreting Skills Assessment Tool)

developed by CISOC (Cultural Interpretation Services for Our Communities) is an interpreter proficiency exam and the minimum certification required to work as an interpreter in Canada.


Participants build skills to become community interpreters as well as translators and gain knowledge and skills to function as freelance interpreters and translators in a self-employed or contractual environment.

The program follows a social enterprise model, collaborates with businesses and agencies to offer paid interpretation and translation work to program graduates.


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Do you want to take CILISAT and need targeted skill-building practice to be successful in your exam?

Being fluent in two languages is not enough to be an interpreter 

Our 16-hour online course is exactly what will help you prepare for the two CILISAT components—dialogue interpreting and sight translation and thus improve your chances of obtaining your CILISAT certificate!


This three-in-one comprehensive training package offered twice a year includes Community Interpreter training, CILISAT certification and Translation Training and is available at no cost to eligible applicants.


We are a CISOC Testing Centre, we offer in-person and remote interpreter proficiency testing and prep courses to bi- and multilingual individuals who wish to obtain a CILISAT Certificate and start a freelance career in interpretation.

For more information about CILISAT testing, we recommend you review the attached document:

CILISAT Exam Preparation Guide

“Using their fast, cost-effective and quality service has allowed me to build bridges within our community that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. “

Camie Leard, Executive Director, Crescent Heights Village BIA