Interpretation Services is the communication of the meaning of a source language received orally into an equivalent target-language expressed orally based on one-time exposure to the source language

Interpretation Services

We provide on-site interpretation in which the interpreter attends the appointment in person, sight translation in which the interpreter reads out the document into the language of the listener as well as telephone and/or video interpreting services

    Additionally, we have available

    • third party platform interpreting such as Zoom
    • opportunity to book a local interpreter to come in person, known as On-Site Interpreting (OSI)
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    We strive to provide interpretation and translation services that are convenient, affordable and of exceptional quality.

    Language Venture Interpretation and Translation Services is committed to providing qualified interpretation support in all community services including medical, legal, educational, and public.

    “CIWA responds right away, their prices are always reasonable and they are very accommodating; it is so easy to book an interpreter by just sending a quick email request with one date and time – they make it work and are very responsive.”
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